Who are we?

access at fed square

Our organisation, Access Inc., helps people fulfil their life goals.
One in 5 Australians have a disability – that’s over 4 million people. Roughly 60% of these disabilities are unseen. People living with this disabilities often struggled with simple demands of everyday life, and the concept of achieving a life goal can seem impossible, or worse we assume that people with severe disabilities do not have hopes and dreams. This is where Access steps in to help.
In 1989, a group of parents came together to build an advocacy and support group for their children who had disabilities and had also recently graduated high school. The void of isolation that occurs after leaving a fully integrated and supportive environment such as an Australian High School is a constant reality for people living with disabilities. Especially when they may not be competently equipped to join the work force, take a gap year or live independently – luxuries that we often take for granted.
Access believes that everyone has the right to pursue their dreams, no matter how difficult or far away they may seem. Our organisation aims to further the work began by that core group of parents from 27 years ago, by assisting our clients from the community who wish to pursue their life goals. We work to equip our clients to overcome the obstacles in between them and their goals by providing training programs that help them develop and grow their skills. We also partner with organisations and businesses to teach them how to include people with all types of abilities to breakdown negative social stigma that often leads to the exclusion and discrimination of people living with disabilities.


Our mission is to promote the rights and interests of people with a disability from within the Jewish community, supporting their growth and development as we seek to empower each individual to maximise their potential and participate as equal citizens in Australian society.


The inclusion and recognition of people with a disability as valued and contributing members of our community.


As an organisation, we believe in:
• Including and recognising people with disabilities in the wider community.
• Excellence in delivery and standards of service programs.
• Innovation in finding connection and avenues for individual development.
• Empowering people with  disabilities.
• A framework based on Jewish culture and ethos.