Our Mission

Working within a Jewish cultural context, our mission is to promote the rights and interests of people with disabilities, empowering them to maximise their potential and participate as equal citizens in Australian society.


Our Vision

Celebrating Abilities

Access Inc. was founded 30 years ago, after a group of parents of children with disabilities felt that their needs were not being met, specifically in the Jewish community and at the post-school stage.

Access Inc. was developed as an extended curriculum offering essential life skills, promoting happiness, health and well-being, and removing the societal barriers often faced by people with disabilities. 

The Access Inc. vision is for full inclusion of people with disabilities as valued and contributing members of our community.

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Since 1989 we’ve enriched and empowered the lives of so many amazing people, giving them confidence, independence and the skills to succeed.


employment rate

Only 53% of people with disabilities are employed. Did you know that Access runs pre-accredited vocational training. Partnering with people as they progress along the pathway to employment and further education.



have avoided SITUATIONS because of their disability

There are many people experiencing social isolation. Our programs are focused on breaking down these barriers.



completed Year 12

In life we are constantly learning new things.  All Access programs are created to challenge our participants and further develop their skills.