Access Inc's Fundraising Campaign - Celebrating Ability in Our Community

On behalf of Access, we want to thank our community for helping us celebrate ability in our community!

We were so overwhelmed by the support and generosity we received, allowing us to raise nearly $94,000 more than we had initially thought possible!

Thanks to your gift, we raised a total of $213,985!  This is approximately 85% of our fundraising budget for the year.  This means we can now spend even more time and energy on ensuring we deliver quality programming and meet the growing and changing need for our services.

To start with, we will be completing our NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) registration so that we can be an accredited provider and will be working with current and prospective participants to get the best outcomes as they roll into the Scheme in the next few months. 

We will also be rolling out our new Healthy Cooking Skills course after a successful pilot and have some exciting new opportunities in the works to do with our barista training program and other hospitality training programs. 

We look forward to keeping you updated and if you are on Facebook or Instagram, we encourage you to follow us for the latest about Access!

We also welcome you all to make a time to come and visit us and see what we do live and in person and always welcome expressions of interest for those wanting to volunteer.

For us, this success has reduced a great deal of our financial pressure but even more than that, it has demonstrated to our participants that the community supports and values them. 

A big thank you again to our amazing matching donors as well as everyone who made the campaign possible.

Again, thank you for your contribution and your support – it means a lot to many people and will impact many lives.  

Here is some behind the scene footage from our Charidy day.

Nicole Ellis