Daniel & Joshua Szwarc Memorial Scholarship Launch

The inaugural Daniel and Joshua Szwarc Memorial Scholarship was officially launched on Wednesday 14th August 2019 at the Access Inc Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Below is an excerpt from Barbara Szwarc’s speech presented at the AGM:

The Daniel and Joshua Szwarc Memorial Trust, was the forerunner to today’s Daniel and Joshua Szwarc Memorial Scholarship, was set up by the Szwarc family and large and prominent child welfare Agency, the Victorian Children’s Aid Society, now part of OzChild, in 1986.

The Trust was established in the memory of Daniel and Joshua Szwarc and their courageous battle for survival against the ravages of a rare, incurable, degenerative condition known as “Canavan’s Disease”, which resulted in the most tragic destruction of two young lives. the Daniel and Joshua Szwarc Memorial Trust was set up, in their memory, to assist in the improvement of support services for children with disabilities and their families. The Trust achieved this by contributing to the funding of innovative research projects, programs and eminent speakers at conferences and seminars.

To help the memories of Daniel and Joshua live on, Access is going to award the scholarship, on an annual basis, to a high school student living with a disability in the Jewish community. The scholarship will cover the cost of an Access course of the applicant’s choice, allowing them to have a taste of options available to them post school. It is fitting that the memory of Daniel and Joshua, through the Daniel and Joshua Szwarc Memorial Scholarship, will inspire others to continue to strive for the betterment of the lives of children, and young people, with disabilities and their families.

Zevi is 16 years old and is currently studying at Yeshivah College.  He is gearing up to complete his school studies, and he is very driven to start figuring out what he will do when he finishes school.  With family in baking and hospitality, Zevi is keen to explore whether he might like to pursue the family business one day - hence the Access hospitality programs, are a perfect fit for him.  Zevi has started 1:1 Healthy Cooking classes at Access, which he is very much enjoying and gaining a lot from, and we are so proud that this scholarship has been able to help this determined young man to start preparing for his future.  

Zevi, it is with great pride, I award you the Daniel and Joshua Szwarc Memorial Scholarship for 2019.

Nicole Ellis