National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week is a great opportunity to thank our Access volunteers for all that they do for us.

At Access, our volunteers are not just ‘nice to have’ – they are an integral part of our team bringing with them skills, passions, experiences and knowledge we wouldn’t otherwise have. We are so grateful to have dedicated volunteers across all of our programs and our board and we thank them all for everything they so generously share with us. 


Our CEO, Sharon Malecki shared a message of thanks to our volunteers at a National Volunteer Week lunch. She said "Each time you volunteer at Access, you are showing our community that valuing different abilities matters, that our participants matter and that a strong community is one which recognises the contribution of all of its members. As volunteers, you have the power not just to change people’s individual lives but also to shape our community." You can watch the rest of Sharon's speech in this video:


Ruthie Ben Danan participates in a number of our programs. She has worked with many of our volunteers and was inspired to write this beautiful poem in celebration of National Volunteer Week. 

Happy National Volunteer Week!
Thank you for being there for us,
and taking time out of your day.
Whether it is at a program,
or at our pop-up café.
Thank you for always making us smile,
guiding us and supporting us,
and being here for a while.
With a positive attitude,
you assist us to reach our goals,
And you do it with,
all of your heart and soul.
So on behalf of all of us at Access,
we thank you for helping to make,
our programs a huge success.
                             -Ruthie Ben Danan


What is Volunteering?

Volunteering is giving of your time, out of your own free will, towards a common good without the expectation of financial gain.

What are the Benefits of Volunteering?

  • Making a difference
  • Helping others
  • Gaining valuable work experience
  • A personal sense of satisfaction
  • Making new friends and connections
  • Learning new skills
  • Being part of a community
  • Having fun
  • Gaining confidence
  • Studies show that volunteers are happier, healthier and sleep better compared to people who don’t volunteer

Why Volunteer?

We asked some of our Access volunteers why they volunteer and what volunteering meant to them. This is what they had to say....

"I volunteer because volunteers are needed. It makes a difference. It gives me purpose"

"I volunteer because I love it and all the wonderful people who volunteer with me"

"I volunteer because I really enjoy working and participating. I love everyone at Access Inc. They are all wonderful!"

access and Corporate Volunteering

Access values our relationship with National Australia Bank which supports the Access Bakery Program through its workplace volunteering program. Not only do these corporate volunteers help us bake, they also bring with them ideas from their varied fields and take back with them a better understanding of disability. 
Thank you to all of our corporate volunteers! 

Happy National Volunteers Week